General conditions of sale and participation

Article 1: Purpose

1.1 The purpose of these general terms and conditions of sale and participation (hereinafter the “GTCP”) is to define the terms and conditions of registration and participation in conferences, workshops and training courses (hereinafter the “Event”) offered by WISUP, a simplified joint stock company with a share capital of €5,000, whose registered office is located at 24 rue Latour France, 33000 Bordeaux, registered in the Bordeaux Trade and Companies Register under number 850 697 749 and represented by Mr Nicolas Pereira, in his capacity as President, duly authorised for the purposes of the present document.

1.2 These GSTP constitute the entire and sole agreement between WISUP and the Participant (hereinafter the “Parties”), and cancel and replace any previous agreement relating to their subject matter.

1.3 These GSTP contain details relating to a specific event, the World Impact Summit evening of honour, which can be found in “Article 14: Special conditions: World Impact Summit 2024 evening of honour”.

Article 2: Acceptance and modification of the GSTP

2.1 Any registration to the Event by a participant (hereinafter the “Participant” or the “User”) implies the Participant’s full and complete acceptance of the version of these GPCP in force on the day of the Participant’s access to the Event venue and obliges him/her to strictly comply with them.

2.2 These GSTP and any new version are accessible from (the “Website”).

2.3 WISUP reserves the right to make any changes to these GPCP at any time and without recourse on the part of the Participant.

2.4 These modifications shall be binding on the Participant as soon as they are put online. It is therefore up to the Participant to regularly consult the GTCP, which are permanently available on the Website. Any use of the services after modification of the GTCP shall be deemed to constitute tacit acceptance by the Participant of the new GTCP.

Article 3: How to register online

Purchase of single tickets:

It is specified that the equipment (computers, telephone, tablet, software, means of telecommunication …) allowing access to the Website are the exclusive responsibility of the User, as are the telecommunication costs incurred by their use.

The User may register for the Event. Minors are allowed to register for an Event on the Website, provided that they have previously obtained authorisation to do so from the holder(s) of parental authority over them and that the holder(s) of parental authority has (have) agreed to be guarantor(s) of the minor User’s compliance with the GTCP. Any use of the services available on the Website by a minor User is carried out under the full responsibility of the holder(s) of parental authority over the minor User concerned.

When a User wishes to register for the Event, he/she must go to the Website and then, in order to trigger the Registration process, the User must click on the “Register” button. Registration is carried out in several stages.

First of all, the User will see a choice of tickets at the different rates of participation in the Event and the services to which these rates give access.

Once this stage has been validated, the User must fill in the mandatory fields of the form to validate his/her Registration by filling in the information required for his/her Registration. The User undertakes to provide accurate and complete information as requested in the Registration form and to keep it up to date without delay. In the event that the User provides inaccurate, out-of-date or incomplete information, WISUP reserves the right to suspend or block or prevent access to all or part of the Website under the conditions set out in these GTCP.

At this stage, the User is given the opportunity to register additional Participants (up to five people in the group) at the same time as him/her for the Event. The User must then fill in the various mandatory fields to register these people.

Once this step has been validated, the User confirms the billing information and must accept the present GTCP.

The User will then have access to the summary of their order and the available payment method as defined in article 4 below.

Once the payment has been validated, the User will be registered for the Event as well as any additional persons as designated in the form. The Subscriber will receive a confirmation email validating the Registration, and summarising the elements of the Registration.

Article 4: Prices and payment

4.1 All prices are quoted exclusive of tax and are therefore subject to the applicable VAT rate of 20%.

Any Event which the Participant has not attended or has only partially attended is due in full.

All prices are fixed prices.

4.2 Payment of the price of the Event must be made at the latest at the time of registration.

4.3 It is understood that WISUP reserves the right at any time

to refuse any registration or participation in an Event by a Participant (or his substitute) who is not up to date with his payments in full;

to refuse any registration from a client for legitimate and non-discriminatory reasons;

to exclude at any time any Participant whose behaviour interferes with the smooth running of the Event and/or is in serious breach of these GCP;

to exclude any Participant who has made false declarations at the time of registration, without compensation.

4.4 Participants may pay for their registration to an Event by bank card via a secure payment system (Carte Bleue, Visa, Master Card). The Participant is solely responsible for the payment by credit card of his/her registration to the Event. WISUP is not responsible for payment problems linked to malfunctions in the e-commerce service.

4.5 In any event, payment for any registration must be made in cash, without discount, and must specify the date and name of the Event.

Article 5: Modification / Cancellation / Replacement

5.1 In the event of cancellation by the Participant or in the event of absence on the day of the Event, the payment of the registration will remain fully due and will not give rise to any reimbursement.

5.2 It is expressly agreed between the Parties that the date scheduled for the holding of the Event may be freely postponed and the format modified in part or in full in digital form in the event of force majeure and/or similar circumstances as defined below. In this case, entries will be carried over to the new date. If the Participant does not wish to postpone his/her registration to another event offered by WISUP at an equivalent rate, no compensation may be claimed by the Participant.

5.3 In the event that it is impossible to participate in the Event, it is possible to transfer the ticket to another Participant by changing the name of the Participant. The request may be made free of charge, and must be made at least 7 days before the date of the Event by e-mail to the following address:

5.4 The Participant undertakes to respect the sanitary arrangements put in place by WISUP on the day of the Event. If this is not the case, the organiser may refuse the visitor access.

Article 5 : Modification / Annulation / Remplacement

5.1 En cas d’annulation par le Participant ou en cas d’absence le jour de l’Événement, le paiement de l’inscription restera pleinement dû et ne donnera lieu à aucun remboursement.

5.2 Il est expressément convenu entre les Parties que la date prévue pour la tenue de l’Événement pourra librement être reportée ainsi que le format modifié partiellement ou en intégralité en digital en cas de force majeure et/ou cas assimilé tels que définis ci-après. Dans ce cas-là, les inscriptions seront reportées sur la nouvelle date. Si le Participant ne souhaite pas reporter son inscription sur un autre événement proposé par WISUP d’un tarif équivalent, aucune indemnité ne pourra être réclamée par le Participant.

5.3 En cas d’impossibilité de participer à l’Événement, il est possible de transmettre le billet à un autre Participant en changeant le nom du Participant. La demande peut être faite sans frais, et devra être effectuée au moins 7 jours avant la date de l’Événement par e-mail à l’adresse suivante :

5.4 Le Participant s’engage à respecter le dispositif sanitaire mis en place par WISUP le jour de l’Événement. Dans le cas contraire, l’organisateur pourra refuser l’accès au visiteur.

Article 6: Protection of personal data

The Participant shall have the right to access and rectify his/her personal data, as well as the right to request its deletion, to object to its processing and to obtain its limitation or portability, insofar as this is applicable. The Participant may also decide what happens to his/her personal data after his/her death.

The Participant may also object to his/her personal data being used for the purpose of drawing up his/her customer profile; in this case the Participant will no longer be able to benefit from personalised offers or services.

To exercise his/her rights and/or obtain more information on our practices regarding the protection of personal data, the Participant is invited to consult the confidentiality policy accessible on the website and at the following address:

Article 7: Intellectual property

7.1 WISUP and/or its partners are the exclusive holders of all the intellectual property rights attached to the distinctive signs of the websites and (hereinafter the “Distinctive Signs”), as well as all the rights relating to both the structure and the content of the said websites (including the texts, photos, illustrations, videos, hyperlinks, etc.).

7.2 These GTCP do not entail the transfer of any intellectual property rights to the Participant in respect of any of the rights mentioned above.

7.3 Each Participant is expressly prohibited from reproducing and/or using the Distinctive Signs, as well as from modifying, adapting, copying, translating, reproducing, selling, publishing, exploiting and disseminating in any form and by any means whatsoever all or part of the structure and/or content of the said websites, with the exception of the acts strictly necessary for visiting the said websites and registering for the Events.

7.4 Any contravention of these stipulations without the prior and express written authorisation of WISUP is prohibited, and may constitute an act of counterfeiting and/or unfair or parasitic competition giving rise to civil and/or criminal sanctions.

Article 8: Force majeure and similar events

WISUP shall not be held responsible for the non-execution or delay in the execution of an obligation contained in the present General Terms and Conditions of Sale and Participation, following the occurrence of a case of force majeure and/or a similar event.

The case of force majeure and/or similar event shall suspend the obligations arising from these General Terms and Conditions of Sale and Participation for the entire duration of the event.

If the case of force majeure and/or similar event leads to the cancellation of the physical holding of the Event on the scheduled dates, WISUP reserves the right to decide either on a physical postponement, as specified below, or on a digital version of the Event, it being specified that in the event of a postponement, the case of force majeure and/or similar event will only have a suspensive effect without this giving rise to compensation for the benefit of either of the Parties.

In the event of physical postponement, WISUP will endeavour to reschedule the Event to a later date, provided that it is possible to hold the Event under the same conditions and within a maximum period of 12 months from the date initially scheduled.

If the case of force majeure and/or similar event leads to the cancellation of the physical holding of the Event and the postponement, as provided for in the previous paragraph, is not possible, then WISUP will be released from its obligations related to the physical services and will provide the services in their digital version.

If the case of force majeure and/or the equivalent case makes it impossible for WISUP to provide the services in their digital version, then its obligations relating to the digital services shall be suspended until the case of force majeure and/or the equivalent case has ceased. The digital services shall then be made available at a later date. If it is not possible to postpone, the Event will be cancelled by WISUP and WISUP will refund the sums paid by the Participants. The Participant may also be offered the choice of participating in another Event for an equivalent sum.

The assimilated case covers the following circumstances and without having to meet the criteria of force majeure, insofar as their occurrence affects the Parties in the performance of their obligations (the “Assimilated Case”):

  • An act of the administration or public authorities, an act of war or an attack,
  • Health crisis, state of pandemic leading to government measures,
  • Material impossibility for the Parties to fulfil the obligations set out in the contract (in particular due to measures restricting freedom in the territory) or any impossibility linked to tensions on the paper market (production, supply)
  • Participation rate of the partners in the Event below 50% in value as a result of an Event beyond the control of WISUP,
  • Uncontrollable damage caused by third parties or natural disasters, such as fires or explosions affecting the venue of the Event and preventing its preparation in satisfactory conditions with regard to its size and reputation, or its holding,
  • General strike (external to the Parties), popular movements, riots preventing safe access to the Event.

Article 9: Accessibility

WISUP makes every effort to keep its Website accessible 7 days a week and 24 hours a day, but may interrupt access for reasons of maintenance and upgrades or for any other reason, particularly technical. WISUP is in no way responsible for these interruptions and the consequences that may result for the User. Similarly, WISUP reserves the right to interrupt, suspend, modify or terminate one or more of the services offered on the Website at any time and without prior notice, without having to justify this. In this case, WISUP shall not be held liable in any way.

Article 10: Miscellaneous provisions

10.1 If any of the provisions of these General Terms and Conditions of Sale and Participation were to be declared null and void or inapplicable in application of a law, a regulation or following a final court decision, it would be deemed unwritten and the other provisions would remain in force.

10.2 The contractual relations between WISUP and the Participants are governed solely by the provisions of these General Terms and Conditions of Sale and Participation.

Article 11: Image rights

The Participant is informed and accepts that his/her image and that of his/her employees and/or representatives may be captured in photographs and/or films that WISUP will produce during the Event. The Participant authorises WISUP free of charge to reproduce and represent his/her image and/or that of his/her employees and/or representatives on all printed, video or digital media on the occasion of the distribution by WISUP of any documentary or promotional photo or film related to the Event for any current or future edition of the Event. These broadcasts are authorised for any media and any printed, video or digital support, for the whole world. WISUP may transfer this authorisation to any third party.

Article 12: Applicable law and jurisdiction

12.1 These GTCP are subject to French law.

12.2 Any dispute arising from the validity, interpretation or execution of these GPCS shall be subject, in the event of failure to make a prior attempt to find an amicable solution, to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of the Bordeaux Commercial Court.

Article 13: Contact

For any information, question or advice, please contact WISUP by e-mail:

Article 14: Special conditions: World Impact Summit 2024 Evening of Honour

14.1 This article relates to a separate event organised and offered by WISUP on 7 March 2024 at the Palais 2 l’Atlantique, 33000 Bordeaux, and entitled “World Impact Summit Evening of Honour”.

14.2 The World Impact Summit Evening of Honour is a secondary event organised as part of the World Impact Summit. It brings together professionals (private and public) for a special networking event. Access to this event is subject to possession of a specific ticket allowing access to this sequence. No access will be granted without reserving a ticket on the event’s official ticketing service. This evening will be marked by the participation of a keynote speaker who will speak on stage, and will continue with a cocktail party or dinner for participants who have booked and paid for their participation.

14.3 The organiser offers different participation formats.

Participation in the conference sequence with Hillary Clinton (VIP tickets or VIP Business tickets)
Participation in the conference sequence with Hillary Clinton and participation in a standing cocktail reception (night tickets with cocktail)
Participation in the conference sequence with Hillary Clinton and participation in a seated business dinner (evening tickets with dinner)

14.4 Terms and conditions, cancellations and refunds: tickets must be paid for in full before participation and are refundable up to 45 days before the event. No refunds will be made after this date. The organiser reserves the right to cancel the event on the announced date (Thursday 7 March 2024) without any refund, provided that the event is rescheduled on a new date proposed by the organiser. In the event of the definitive cancellation of Hillary Clinton’s participation without any possible postponement and beyond the organiser’s control, the organiser will automatically reimburse the participant within a maximum period of one month following the announcement of the cancellation.