Objective net zero

Since COP21, ambitious objectives have been announced to cut greenhouse gas emissions in order to limit global warming to below 1.5°C.

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Objective net zero

Despite strong international cooperation, these efforts need to be accelerated now that we are seeing climate instability increasing worldwide. Today, the goal of carbon neutrality needs to be at the heart of any transformation strategy. To achieve this, the European Green Deal announced at the end of 2020 will provide a sizeable opportunity to invest in the deployment of models that are friendlier to our natural resources and environment.

During this first half-day we will present ways of implementing a sustainable strategy to decarbonise our companies and our regions, while also adapting those regions to climate – particularly water-related – risks (resource scarcity, floods, rising water levels, etc.).

We’ll learn how we can escape our carbon dependency and what essential changes must be identified and implemented if we are to achieve carbon neutrality across various activity sectors: energy, maritime industries, agriculture, transport, urban development.


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Addressing these topics will allow us to present concrete solutions for sustainably reducing the impacts of climate change.The idea is to introduce a strategy for rational low-consumption energy transition in our industries, companies and regions.

Discover our panel discussions and themed workshops

  • Opening ceremony

    Zero-Carbon Objective

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  • How to accelerate the decarbonization of our economy ?

    Zero-Carbon Objective

    Agora 1

  • Adapting our societies to the effects of climate change: What are the direct consequences ?

    Zero-Carbon Objective

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  • CSR, accreditations, brand purpose etc. Has engagement become an essential pre-requisite for competitiveness ?

    Zero-Carbon Objective

    Agora 1

  • Ocean and Climate: what opportunities does the blue economy offer in adapting to and mitigating climate change ?

    Zero-Carbon Objective

    Agora 1

  • How can agriculture help mitigate climate-related risks?

    Zero-Carbon Objective

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  • What future for the mobility of people ?

    Zero-Carbon Objective

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  • Territories on the move: adapting our coastlines to climate change effects

    Zero-Carbon Objective

    Agora 2

  • How to lead the transition of its region thanks to the objective net zero ?

    Zero-Carbon Objective

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  • What can I do in order to encourage my industry to get involve in water preservation ?

    Great Cause: Water

    Zero-Carbon Objective

    Water forum

Confirmed speakers

Guillaume CHOISY

CEO, Adour Garonne Water Authority


Commissioner for the Environment, Oceans & Fisheries, European Commission

Claudine BICHET

Vice-President of Bordeaux Métropole in charge of climate, ecological transition & health

Edouard HENAUT

CEO, Transdev France

Dominique MONIOT

Country Manager France, Ocean Winds


Minister of the ecological transition, France


Member, European Parliament & General rapporteur of the EU budget


President, Sunna Design & Moon

Sylvain MARTIN

CEO, TIER Mobility France


Managing partner, Founding partner, Demeter


CEO, Solylend & World Impact Summit


Executive director, Fondation Tara Ocean

Roland de LARY

Director, CRPF Nouvelle-Aquitaine


Director & co-founder, Waterpreneurs

Françoise GOULARD

Research expert & foresight, Adour Garonne water authority


In charge of quality and technical affairs, environmental, safety and security issues, Armateurs de France


Co founder, In charge of communication division, support & Partnerships, Water Family

Nathalie MADRID

Aquitaine representative, France’s Coastal Protection Agency (Conservatoire du littoral)

Caroline NEYRON

CEO, Mouvement Impact France


Responsible for the renewable marine energy and hydroelectricity branches of the French Renewable Energy Trade Association (SER)


Policy Officer, Water Europe

Thomas BINET

Founder, Vertigo Lab & BlueSeeds

Théophile BONGARTS

Project manager, Plateforme Ocean & Climate Platform


Professor of hydrogeology, Bordeaux Polytechnic Intsitute (INP)

Geneviève PONS

Director General of Europe, Jacques Delors (AISBL)

Edouard HENAUT

CEO, Transdev France

Étienne KLEIN

Physician, CEA & Professor, École Centrale Paris