The meeting of investors and holders of positive impact projects

During the previous editions of the WIS, many partnerships were created between local ecosystems (incubators, gas pedals…) specialized in positive impact entrepreneurship (Le Campement, La Ruche, ATIS, Bordeaux Technowest).

More information about WIS Invest 2024 to come

We see a pressing need to:


local ecosystems dedicated to positive impact entrepreneurship and their impact companies


Bring together
impact financing actors and promote “Speed Invest” and accessibility to financing


links between project owners and impact funders

The objectives of this meeting

  • Contribute to accelerating the momentum around impact investing at the local level
  • Facilitate access to clear information on available financing tools
  • Encourage new collaborations between impact project leaders and funders


You are the developer of a positive impact solution and are looking for funds to increase the impact of your action

We offer you:

  • Meet with funders of different types and offering different funding solutions
  • Understand the selection criteria for obtaining funding and developing your organization
  • Contribute to the development of the local and national impact ecosystem
  • Accompany the development and deployment of your positive impact project


You are a financier looking for positive impact solutions to support

We offer you:

  • Meet positive impact solutions with high potential for development and growth
  • Offer your partner companies the opportunity to come and meet new development opportunities
  • Come and present your organization and its commitment through a funding pitch
  • Contribute to the growth of impact investing at the local, national and international levels

The partners of WIS Invest 2022

They have participated